company meeting meaning: What is Business Meeting? Purposes of Business Meeting

company meeting meaning: What is Business Meeting? Purposes of Business Meeting


If there are any elections, make certain to announce them and take care of them at this level. Unless the articles of the company present a definite interval of notice, a reasonable discover must be given of the Board meeting. What is an inexpensive discover will rely upon any specific case. The traditional business of an AGM is to obtain the annual accounts and administrators’ report and, in some corporations to elect directors and/or auditors.


Productive business meetings don’t always have to be held in person — with the right video conferencing solution, you can still meet face to face and have a quality meeting experience without leaving your office space. If your video conferencing tool is intuitive enough, you’ll be able to share your screen, record your call and scale your meeting to guest callers across different devices seamlessly. Such notice has to be well written and specify the nature of business, and duly signed by all the members or any one authorized person acting on behalf of all.

The chairperson receives motions and puts votes on such motions. The chairperson also has a right to cast a vote in the meetings. In case there is a tie, the chairman can cast his final vote and declare the result. The chairman of the company is also the chairman of the Board and in case if there isn’t a chairman in a company then the directors may choose one of them to be a chairman.

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Explore the 16 types of business meetings to learn about each type of meeting and how teams can use these meetings to solve problems, answer questions, and get work done. First board meeting – The first meeting should be held within 30 days of the incorporation of the company. The board of directors use their expertise and knowledge and discuss strategies to run the company. According to the provisions given by the Companies Act, at least one-third of the directors or two directors must be present to conduct a board meeting. If a fraction arises during the counting of one-third, the fraction is counted as one. According to section 287 of the Companies Act, the company can raise the number of quorum through its articles of association.

Section 100 of companies Act lays down the guidelines for the board to call a general meeting extraordinary in nature to deliberate upon some matter requiring immediate attention. The venue for the meeting of the private company may not be situated within the area of jurisdiction of the place where the registered office of the company is situated. A resolution may also be passed at a general meeting for the selection of time of the subsequent general meetings. Members have the right to initiate new topics of discussion in the adjourned meeting. The statuary meeting provides an exception in the rule that only unfinished business at the original meeting must be carried out at the adjourned meeting. The chairman is expected to adjourn the meeting if the members wish to do so, without invoking any discriminatory powers given to the chairman by the articles of association of the company.

Professional meeting planning is a whole different kettle of fish. Because they attempt to achieve so much more than other meetings, workshops take longer to run and way longer to plan and set up. Most workshops expect participants to actively engage and collaborate in the creation of a tangible shared result, and a lot of effort goes into planning very structured ways to ensure that engagement. When it comes to business meetings, these are also often as close to a working party as it gets.

Any other committee meetings with the respective Board of Directors of the Company, as and here specified under Companies Act of 2013. Catalyst Meetings – scheduled as needed, and include the people the organizers feel to be best suited for achieving the meeting goals. Esme reviews how the product is working out for the ABC team with Sam in the Quarterly Business Review. Gary, the other ACME PMs, and the ACME implementation team discuss project progress every week. At the end of the day, our list of 16 types is just as arbitrary as MeetingSift’s list of 6 types.

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As a result, it’s vital to ensure the meeting starts and ends on time. When preparing the agenda, decide how much time you’ll need to spend on each item and run the meeting by the clock. If you feel that the meeting is going off-track, reign it in by asking people to stick to the topics on the agenda. If other important issues arise, table them for further discussion at another point. A company can be defined as a legal establishment encompassing a group of individuals engaged in operating a business.

If, on the other hand, the group is truly weighing multiple options, the participation style will be much more collaborative. Established relationships are not central to decision making meetings, but the perceived fairness and equanimity of the discussion is. When the group behaves in a way that makes it unsafe to voice concerns, these concerns go unaddressed which then weakens commitment to the decision. Problem solving meetings begin with a situation analysis , then a review of options. After the team discusses and selects an option, they create an action plan.

The people at these meetings volunteer to be there because they’re interested in the topic. An organizer or chair opens the meeting and introduces any presenters. Participants are expected to engage convivially, ask questions and engage in exercises when appropriate, and network with each other when there isn’t a presentation on.

  • And Board need to call meeting within 21 days of getting such request or maximum of 45 days, by giving such notice to such members prior to 3 days of conducting such meeting.
  • The secretary has great responsibilities with regard to calling and holding of meetings and follow-up actions.
  • The secretary of the orga­nisation, committee or sub-committee etc. who has many duties before, at and after a meeting, has to play a significant role to play.

This is a meeting scheduled between two people to discuss something specific. The problem is that many meetings that take place today are inefficient. According to Doodle’s State of Meetings report, professionals spend 2 hours each week in pointless meetings.

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A team-building meeting aims to create a fun and interactive atmosphere through the use of games or team challenges. This is a great opportunity for organizers or leaders to get involved and form stronger connections with their teams. Once that objective is achieved, participants have to decide who will implement the best solution. This responsibility can be assigned to one person or shared among a few team members. Another important aspect of decision-making meetings is information gathering. You’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary information you need to make the best decision.

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“Corporate company meeting meanings are those business-oriented meetings which happen between business colleagues to evaluate and plan current and future business activities”. Some icebreaker activities involve a bit of preparation on the meeting organizer’s part. One activity includes writing the name of celebrities on small pieces of paper and sticking a name on the back of each attendee. In this game, each attendee has to ask yes or no questions about the person whose name is on their back, trying to guess who it is.

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By quorum we mean the minimum number of the members who must be present at a meeting as required by the rules. In the absence of quorum the proceedings of the company cannot be started. Team-building meetings can happen on-site, off-site, in small groups, or as an all-hands occasion. In a team-building meeting, you might do some structured activities to build up trust and communication among the team. may call the Extraordinary General Meeting in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Articles of Association of the company. The particulars of any contract and the modification or the proposed modification of any contract which is to be submitted for the approval of the members at the meeting. The names, addresses and occupations of its directors and auditors and also of its manager and’ secretary, if any, and the changes which have occurred since the date of the incorporation.

Many creative teams, marketing teams, sales teams, and legal teams, among others, do a large amount of their work collaboratively. That’s why it’s important to identify collaboration meetings as one type of meeting and plan for them accordingly. As part of the planning, make sure all your team members have the necessary collaboration tools at their fingertips, including both technology and the relevant documents or assets. Another common objective for meetings includes making important announcements. These can be about organizational changes, operational plans or a change in company direction.

Any general meeting of a company is considered to be an extraordinary general meeting, except the statutory meeting, an Annual General Meeting or any adjournment meeting. Such types of meetings can be fixed by the directors at any time that seems appropriate to the directors. However, the meetings must be held in accordance with the guidelines mentioned in the articles of association of the company. Every Company whether, public or personal, limited by shares or assure, with or with out share capital or limitless company is required to carry an AGM yearly.

Often, meetings are held when senior executives join or leave the team or when the company is celebrating a major milestone or success. These kinds of meetings can work to increase employee engagement and organizational harmony. Town halls – also commonly referred to as “all-hands meetings” – are often the centerpiece of a company’s internal communications plan. They are leadership’s annual, quarterly or, sometimes more frequent, opportunity to talk with employees about business results, priorities, future plans and strategies, and to recognize individual or team achievements. Presence of directors – The directors are not required to physically present in every meeting, they can be present through other video or audio means.