Sat in a Soho pub with a mate Niran in the winter of 2014 I had a '4th pint down brain wave' and whipped out my "Little book of ideas", which always amuses Niran no end. Just under 'Lamb brain jam' (In all good supermarkets, never) I jotted down 'Ox Heart Bresaola' ..

I awoke the next morning to see what drunken madness I had been scribbling down this time, and after hammering Google for a good hour trying to find if anyone was curing hearts in Britain, I found to my surprise, nobody! 

So a week later, armed with two massive Ox Hearts, I went to see my mates at Moons Green Charcuterie and asked them if they could cure them. The result? An amazing product with the texture of a Bresaola and the depth of flavour of a Jerky. I serve this up on the van in a simple salad with Rosary goats cheese, blood orange and our British chilli honey. My challenge as always, is convincing some customers to try it! But once they do, they bloody love it I tells ya! 

Since that drunken evening I'm really pleased to see my brainchild and Moons Greens hard work hitting British restaurant menu's. If you want to try this beauty of a charcuterie for yourself, track us down or head to Moons Green's market stall at Brockley Market.

Here are a few words from John at Moons Green on how this blinder of a product came about..

"Dan Shearman of The Roadery and Jose Azevedo the Portuguese charcutier at Moons Green Charcuterie joined forces to produce this unique and amazing product. Dan’s habit it to seek out esoteric and extremely British bits of animals and weave them into magical dishes. In this instance they settled on Ox Hearts and Jose went away to see if they could be cured and turned into interesting charcuterie.

Jose experimented with various aromatic herbs and spices and curing processes and finally, after three or four months, he sat down with his Moons Green partner and fellow charcutier John Doig and tasted the fruits of his labours.

“Bloody amazing,” said Doig. “I was expecting something extremely masculine and assertive and instead you’ve made this wondrous, delicate, beefy morsel. It’s brilliant and the world must quickly be told!”

And so Moons Green proceeded to cure quite a lot of Ox Hearts. Although other chefs have been quick to grab hold of them for their novelty it’s Dan of the Roadery who has made them his own." - John Doig (Moons Green Charcuterie)